What is happening in Delhi?

A US President has just flown out of India after a two-day visit; signs welcoming The Honourable Donald J. Trump and Melania line Sardar Patel Marg. As of 26 February, reports suggest that 18 people have been killed in communal riots in New Delhi. Home Minister Amit Shah held a Continue Reading

Jeff Bezos, Netflix and the Politics of Free Speech in India

We examine how India’s primary streaming services Prime Video, Hotstar and Netflix have responded to calls for censorship. Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings removed an episode of Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act for offending the Saudi Arabian government, sinceNetflix was “not in the truth-to-power business.” In contrast, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos quietly suffered Continue Reading

Kashmir: Backed into a dangerous corner

Some watched with shock and some with jubilation on 05 August 2019 as Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced a Presidential Order in the Rajya Sabha amending Article 370 and repealing Article 35A. Not the only change for the day, the Rajya Sabha also passed a Bill reorganizing the state Continue Reading

An Inheritance of Pain – A Kashmiri Pandit Speaks

Mahima Razdan is a Kashmiri Pandit. H-O-M-E – four letters, one syllable; arguably one of the simplest words in the Indian language. Something that children are taught to spell and understand when they are five years old. And yet, for as long as I can remember I have struggled to Continue Reading

Kashmir – A new dawn or the beginning of a dark chapter? Part 2: Opinion

The passage of these changes has caused an escalation in the discourse surrounding Kashmir. The country and the media have been split down the middle with some either supporting the moves in their entirety as a move towards an integrated India, (or as Amit Shah likes to call it, an Continue Reading

Kashmir – A new dawn or the beginning of a dark chapter? Part 1: Background

The controversial Articles 370 and 35A that provided Jammu and Kashmir with a ‘special status’ were abrogated on 05 August 2019 by a Presidential Order introduced in the Rajya Sabha by Union Home Minister, Amit Shah. The Rajya Sabha also passed a Bill reorganizing the state of Jammu and Kashmir Continue Reading

Dynastic Politics in South Asia: Part I

A Harvard University study recently showed that both the ruling BJP and the Opposition Congress Party have historically been equally dynastic. The BJP often criticises the Congress for nepotism in fronting Rahul Gandhi, scion of the influential Gandhi family as their President. This study lays those allegations to rest by Continue Reading