About Us

is the combination of the Sanskrit words Ityukta, knowledge and Niti, ethics.

We hope to challenge the narrative dominated, fake-news era by fostering nuanced, source-based discourse, unhindered by the biases that come with traditional bylines. Our goal is to provide our readers with analytical articles that seek to bridge the divide between Left and Right by relying upon sources and data to substantiate our ideas in a non-partisan manner.

We believe that words and ideas should speak for themselves, unhindered by human biases. We believe in maintaining our independence and ask our readers to judge our content on its own merits. We believe that anonymity provides a freedom to share ideas without fear of judgement or persecution and allows our readers to make an impartial assessment of our content.

We welcome all forms of interesting content that fits our Mission. No subject is off limits!

Content Guidelines*
These simple indicators help us screen content:
– Every assertion must be backed by a source, or a reasoned analysis based on multiple sources.
– Humor always helps!
– The simpler your message, the better.
– Plagiarism: 7 – 10%
– Keep it authentic.
– Does it renew or create debate?
– Language is no barrier, we welcome content all languages.

* We don’t play god or Censor Board, just screen for quality.

Open Source
Our content is open to anyone who wants to use it, just as long as they attribute it to us!

The views expressed on ityukti.org are the author’s own and do no represent the views of Ityukti.

Write to us at ityukti@protonmail.com

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